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Map of sexual abuse and abuse of conscience incidents by priests and other clergy in Chile.

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This map was made by the survivors that constitute this support network.

It is periodically updated. Last update: jan 25 2020.

It contains public complaints against church members and secular actors in clerical environment. Priests, deacons, catechists, secular actors, nuns, brothers and sisters, consecrated, bishops and cardinals are mentioned. Those marked as accessories or accomplices of said crimes are also included.

Last update contains over 320 entries (60 new regarding august 2019) with a similar number of reported incidents.

Global statistics

  • 3 cardinals

  • 9 bishops

  • 45 authorities: ambassador, school principal, orphanage director, seminary director, vicar, superior, responsible, and others

  • 3 chaplains

  • 169 priests, parish priests

  • 15 deacons

  • 60 brothers, sisters, consecrated

  • 15 secular actors, professors, catechists

Religious orders mentioned (reported):

  • Assumptionists (1)

  • Barnabites (2)

  • Capuchins (3)

  • Claretians (2)

  • Clerics of Saint Viator (1)

  • Company of Jesus (24)

  • Escolapies (1)

  • Precious Blood (3)

  • Missionaries of Saint Francis de Sales (2)

  • Don Orione (1)

  • Franciscans (9)

  • Discalced Carmelite Friars (1)

  • Sisters of Providence (1)

  • Marist Brothers (29)

  • Legionaries of Christ (3)

  • Redentorists (1)

  • Mary Auxiliatrix (2)

  • Marianists (1)

  • French Mercedaries (2)

  • Mercedaries (4)

  • Missinaries of the divine word (1)

  • For the Consacrated Life (1)

  • Opus Dei (1)

  • Order of the Mother of God (Leonardins) (3)

  • Order of Mercy (1)

  • Order Cistercians (1)

  • Sacred Hearts (6)

  • Salesians (27)

  • Schoenstatt (6)

  • Servants of Charity - Foundation of the Don Guanella Work (5)

  • Missionary Society of Saint Columbano (4)

  • Ursulines (2)


  • More complaints corresponding to crimes committed during the last decade were added.

  • Years and even decades of impunity between the first complaint received by the Church and any sort of care or protection step taken.

  • Transferring the criminals within and outside the country without any apparent reason after the first complaints.

  • Countless cases are interrelated, not only within one congregation itself but also among different ones, and territorial church members under bishoprics, parishes, etc.

  • Most of secular actors reported are former order members, were postulants or trained as seminarians.

  • Positions of territorial or structural power are much coveted by these criminals.

The sources of information provided are just the testimonies of survivors, the press releases (with the correspondent link on every entry) about complaints of this type of crime commited in chilean territory, the information provided by the Public Ministry (last report), the Catholic Church and our fellows at BishopAccountability.

This material remains incomplete. The outrageous secrecy that the Catholic Church keeps all around the world makes it extremely hard to gather all the information needed.

While you take a look at it, we invite you remember that only 4% to 6% of crimes of this kind are reported, that 4 out of 12 victims will ever manage to tell someone of their trust, that the other 8 will never tell anyone and the aftermath will remain until they die in silence.

When this map was introduced to society in april 2019 at the Museum of Memory we read a message to the whole community.

If you are willing to add or complement information you may write to us here this website or email us.

Share it, spread it.

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