This is a support network for victims and survivors of sexual abuse, abuse of conscience and power by Chilean clergy. We´ve been there ourselves. 

Many came first. We want to be the last ones. 
We denounce crimes commited and covered up by local representatives of the Catholic Church and the Vatican, educate the community, provide legal and therapeutic assistance to those who turn to us, and demand the intervention of the state and justice system. Always committed to a collective fight for the protection of every human right violated by spheres of power.

How to join in:

  • If you were a victim of clerical abuse in Chile as a child or in the present, contact us on our online chat or via email.

  • Share this website on your social media. More people than you think might find it helpful.

  • Make a donation. Our organization is financed by contributions of those who wish and are able to financially give us a hand. From wherever you are, any amount helps.

  • Send this website to anyone you think might be interested.

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