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©2019 by Red de Sobrevivientes de Abuso Sexual Eclesiástico de Chile.

We, survivors of clerical child abuse in Chile, have founded a support network. Those who have suffered abuse as adults and victims of abuse of conscience and power are also part of it. 

We dream of and encourage a fight that is collective, that is never distracted from protecting each and every Human Right violated by spheres of power.

Our work consists in raising awareness and denouncing these crimes committed and covered up by clergy, educating the community, and supporting and orientating the victims on their way to justice, reparation and healing, advised and accompanied by networks of professionals from health and legal fields.

We invite you to participate:

  • If you are a survivor or a victim of clerical abuse in the present, contact us. You can chat to us right here on our webste or email us.

  • Sharing this website on your social media will multiply our reach. 

  • Making a donation. Our organization is financed by contributions of those who wish and are able to financially support our cause. 

  • If you know someone who is or has been a victim of clerical abuse, tell them about us or send this website to them.